5 Easy Tips for Your Engagement Session

Hi, tribe!

This is our first official post on our new site and we are SO STINKIN' EXCITED you're here!!! We wanted to kick-start this blog with one of the most discussed/asked about topics we see with our couples. These are just the very basics- things we encourage for our brides and anyone else out there, cause raise yo hand if just thinking about being in front of a camera makes you sweat? I feel ya. To those of you that are totally jacked and ready for the spotlight, KUDOS and we LOVE that about you. Both camps can hopefully find these little tidbits helpful. Thanks for stopping by, friends! 



TIP 1:


This may seem like a no-brainer to you, but we've shown up to so, so many sessions where the couple is constantly tugging on their outfit or rearranging their body position to feel good in the outfit they've chosen. Two VERY important things here: 1. Self-love and confidence are sexy as heck. Own it. It's our job to position you the right way and shoot flattering shots. You just do you. 2. We always encourage something that moves with you or has some flow to it- it creates a gorgeous dynamic to the image, and you basically feel like you're in the comfiest pajamas you own, so who doesn't want to frolic around in that?! 

TIP 2:


There is nothing we love more than an engagement session that screams THIS IS US to the camera. Climb a mountain, go ice-fishing, attend the county fair. Maybe it's a favorite date location or something you two enjoy doing together- whatever it is, if you're loving what you're doing in the moment, it's going to show up in your final images. 

TIP 3:


We can break in a dance floor with Frank Sinatra or Pitbull, so this is one of our favorite things to bring along. Maybe you have some special songs or a specific genre of music that get your feet moving like Kevin Bacon- work with your photographer to get some music pumping during your session, and we promise you'll have more fun.

TIP 4:


This isn't to say that your session is going to be any less awesome if you have to do it during the day, but lighting is everything for us, photographers. Those warm, glowy, romantic feels are best captured when the sun is chillin' like a villain on the horizon. We also just tend to be more cuddly when we're first waking up or winding it down for the night.

TIP 5:


Last, but definitely not least. HAVE FUN. Be willing to get goofy. Hopefully you've chosen a photographer or team that makes you feel comfortable and is willing to work through any insecurities you may have when starting the session. We always hope to deliver an experience that elicits genuine emotion from you and your SO. We also promise to embarrass ourselves in the process.